How a Road is Paved?

Have you ever wondered what happens during road paving? Well, it never late to learning something new. When it comes to road paving, there are somethings that you are not aware of, and we shall shed more light about goes on when paving a road.

Step 1: Planning and design

When it comes to road paving, most people think of three things—excavation, earthwork, and paving. However, there is something that you should also take note of planning and design. This is the first step towards paving a road.

Step 2: Excavation and earthwork

In this step, the area to be paved is first cleared of the vegetation, bushes, trees, and shrubs. Once this step is done, its time now to start shaping, mounting, and grading of the surface to be paved.

  • Shaping & mounting – this gives the road its intended shape. In this stage, bulldozers and excavation machines are used to mount and move soil and dirt across the road.
  • Grading – after mounting the road, grading comes next. Here, the surface layer of the road is smoothed and leveled using planning machinery and manual labor.
  • Aggregating – after leveling the soil, a combined base of limestone, concrete, and the soil is used to make the roadway stable. It is during this stage when the gutters, drains, and curbs are constructed.

Step 3: Asphalt paving

This is the final stage of paving a road. Here, heated asphalt is poured, and the laid. At times, the paving requires laying different layers of asphalt. These are:

  • Gravel layer – this is also referred to as a frost blanket, which is a mixture of sand and gravel. It is laid to prevent the effects of cold (freezing and defrosting) temperatures.
  • The base layer – here, cement, lime, or bitumen is used as the primary binder, and the step involves laying a bound base course over the laid unbound base course.
  • Surface layer – this is the layer that provides fiction, noise control, drainage, and smoothness. This layer is made of top-quality materials.

These are some of the steps applied by ABC Paving & Sealcoating when paving a road. However, the entire paving process can take anything from several months to years to complete.