Location Analytics for your Industry

Use Cases for Every Location

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SOLOMO location analytics are used to quantify shopper movement and behavior enabling marketers to:

  • Discover how long patrons are spending in their stores, and in which areas of the store they are staying the longest
  • Implement new marketing campaigns in their stores, fueled by real information about what keeps customers there and what keeps them coming back for more
  • Optimize Space Plans
  • Measure attribution of digital, print, and other media campaigns to actual foot traffic in a brick and mortar location
  • Enhance engagement with behavioral insights

“We know it’s time to rethink our store layout when overall traffic in a department falls 10%, dwell times drop 8%, and repeat customer drops 5% below our baseline measures. SOLOMO supplements our current POS data based planning tools.”
- Retail Space Planning Manager, Large Department Store


From Convention booths to nationally travelling pop up campaigns, SOLOMO can answer the most valuable and difficult questions Event promoters can dream up.

  • Measure engagement of visitors to quantify real leads
  • Compare engagement between multiple booths or events to determine footprint attribution
  • Create a sales funnel model to measure and predict the success of future campaigns
  • Optimize brand manager staffing for peak event traffic times
  • Measure attribution of your event to brick and mortar traffic
  • Determine optimum booth locations and event days for future events

“For the first time we are able to provide a ‘waterfall’ of metrics, basically a sales funnel model, to measure and predict the success of future campaigns based on actual attendance at our activations. SOLOMO eliminates gut-feel and intuition-based guesswork with objective metrics based decision-making.”
– Advertising Agency Client Lead

Banking Retail Locations

With the revolution of online banking in full swing, understanding the requirements and functions of brick and mortar banks is more important than ever.

  • Discover which customer services are being used the most by bank visitors
  • Measure the impact and usage of new services (kiosks, concierge, etc)
  • Attribute Event traffic to bank traffic and validate Event marketing campaigns
  • Unearth creative new ways to build more loyal banking consumers

“SOLOMO has provided us tools to measure and compare the effectiveness of our digital outreach to consumers. As a result, we have been able to adjust our strategies at a regional level and determine optimal product placement. Going forward we will never adopt a one size fits all approach”.
- Director of Digital Programs at a Retail Bank

Automotive Sales

Every customer that walks on the lot is important and must be greeted and engaged by a sales representative. Location analytics kits and services enable you to:

  • Capture every customer or customer group that walks on the lot and ensure that a sales representative engages with them within a few minutes.
  • Measure promotional impact to lot traffic
  • Measure wait times and improve customer service

“Not knowing how many people actually visited my dealership and engaged with my sales people is too expensive nowadays. SOLOMO gives us accountability to capture all leads, and improve customer engagement in real-time. This improved sales by 3%–6%.”
- General Manager large Dealer Group