Trust Principles

Trust Principles 
SOLOMO owns an online software platform and related mobile application (“SOLOMO Application”) that allows consumers to manage use of their personally identifiable information and data by uploading to and/or consenting to its collection and sharing by SOLOMO, together with an online software platform that allows third parties (“Subscribers”) limited access to and use of such consumer data.  These SOLOMO Services are based upon the following Trust Principles designed to give consumers control over use of their data. 

1. Data Ownership.  Consumers own their personally identifiable information collected by SOLOMO.  Consumers can also determine the information that may be publicly available as party of his or her public profile.  Access to the data stored on the SOLOMO Application is managed by the Consumer.  The Consumer can grant any SOLOMO Subscriber different levels of information access, which Subscriber can then access via the SOLOMO Application provided Subscriber purchases the requisite SOLOMO Application subscription level.  However, in the event a Subscriber collects personally identifiable information or device data directly from the Consumer, such collection, use and control by a Subscriber is outside of the scope of the SOLOMO Application.  

2. Individual Control.  Consumers shall be empowered to edit and revoke access to their personally identifiable information from the SOLOMO Application entirely or with respect to any Subscriber individually.  Each Consumer can engage one of four engagement settings with any particular Subscriber and can change those settings at any time.  Subscriber acknowledges in its Subscription Agreement with SOLOMO that if the Consumer revokes Subscriber’s access to his or her individual data available via the SOLOMO Application, Subscriber will honor that request and delete the Consumer’s data unless the Consumer has provided its data to the Subscriber or the Subscriber has collected the Consumer data through a separate channel outside of the SOLOMO Application.  Subscribers may request any information they wish from Consumers but it is entirely up to the Consumer to decide which information, if any, to share via the SOLOMO Application.  Consumers may also hide their devices from Subscribers to prevent any device data or identifiers from being shared with those particular Subscribers.  If a device is hidden from a Subscriber, SOLOMO will still see the device and may collect, use and share deidentified and aggregated location information, but will not share information on the specific device to a Subscriber without consent.  Consumers may always choose to share their information directly with a Subscriber outside the SOLOMO Application. 

3. Transparency.  Subscribers must be transparent about the data they collect and will be transparent about the time it will take to implement any data deletion requested by Consumer.  Consumers are presented with a brief Trust Statement – presented by each Subscriber and by SOLOMO to Consumer just prior to a permissioned exchange of Consumer information – that explains what data is shared with that Subscriber given the Consumer’s engagement setting.  Subscriber must always have a privacy policy that explains how data is collected and used by the Subscriber. 

4. Respect for Context.  Consumers have a right to expect that data exchanged with Subscribers shall be used in ways that are consistent with the purpose for which Consumer provided the data.  Subscribers may only use Consumer data as consented by Consumer and for the limited purpose contemplated at the time of the exchange. 

5. Restrained Collection.  Consumers have a right to trust that only a limited portion of their data will be collected as necessary for the specific purpose contemplated and data unrelated to the contemplated use will not be collected or used.

6. Security.  Consumers have a right to expect that their data will be handled, processed and stored in a facility that is reasonably secure. 

7. Access and Accuracy.  SOLOMO shall provide tools to Consumers so that Consumers shall be able to access any information they have stored on the SOLOMO Application in order to view it, edit and update it, grant Subscribers permission to access Consumer’s data and revoke such permissions , at any time.

8. Value.  Consumers have a right to trust that they will receive some value for the use of their information and data by Subscribers.  Consumers are presented with a brief Trust Statement – presented by each Subscriber and by SOLOMO to Consumer just prior to a permissioned exchange of Consumer information – that explains how data is exchanged for value with that Subscriber.  Providing a localized Consumer experience is one way to provide Consumers that value, but such localized experience requires the consent of the targeted Consumer and must cease when the Consumer leaves the location or, in the case of data collected through the SOLOMO Application, revokes Subscriber access. 

9. Accountability.  Consumers have a right to trust that their personal data is handled with appropriate measures in place to ensure adherence with these SOLOMO Trust principles.  SOLOMO subjects each Subscriber to a contract that restricts the Subscriber’s use of and access to the Consumer’s information.