Analytics Driven Engagement

Every brand desires to measure the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and create personalized engagement with their consumers. While performing this online has been simplified over the years, executing this in a physical location has been a challenge. The problem to solve is selecting the actual experience that should be delivered to a visitor. To solve this, the brand needs to accurately figure out the intent of the consumer while they are inside the location to ensure the experience will be relevant. SOLOMO strongly believes the answer lies in utilizing analytics to drive content delivery. The reason online personalized engagement has been successful is because of the accurate web analytics that can be leveraged to adjust content. Similarly, brands should collect analytics on user behavior inside their location to guide their content delivery approach. With the proliferation of smart devices and sensors (Wi-Fi, BLE, Cameras, RFID, Audio, Light, etc.) this is now achievable in most indoor settings. Additionally there are several other operational and marketing benefits to collecting indoor location analytics. SOLOMO advocates taking a marketing science approach to analytics driven engagement.

Capturing analytics that provide date and time-based measurements around locations and point of interest visited, new and repeat visitor counts, and dwell times are key for measuring marketing effectiveness and guiding a content delivery strategy. When this is matched up with the calls to action inside other marketing channels, it provides clear guidance on why consumers are coming into the location. The next step is to get a clear picture of dwell times and paths of travel within the location. For example, if a consumer is returning for the third time this week to the store and goes straight to department A and dwells there for ten or more minutes, it clearly demonstrates intent. Hence the content delivered to that individual should be different from what is delivered to a first time visitor who has been browsing several other departments before dwelling for a similar length of time in department A. Similarly, the attribution between a brand’s event locations trade shows, pop up stores, street teams, etc. and their retail locations provides valuable insights into the type of content that would be appropriate. Thus if a consumer has engaged with the brand at a location other than the retail footprint, the brand should leverage it to deliver appropriate content to them, enhancing their customer experience.
Example of SOLOMO Power BI Publish to Web Dashboard for measuring location KPIs.

Despite the fact that over 80% of consumers are enabled with a smart device and 90% of all U.S. purchases are made in-store, few brands have given their locations the intelligence needed to react fast enough to influence changing consumer behaviors. Deploying a Location Analytics solution is your first step to gaining 100% consistent visibility across physical touchpoints and the speed to identify initiative effectiveness 70% faster than current methods by dynamically connecting the right information, with the right people at the right time.

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SOLOMO Technology provides a cloud based platform for indoor location analytics and user engagement; web-like analytics for the physical world. These tools help the marketing scientist understand the behavior of people inside a location in order to improve marketing effectiveness.

No one, especially a marketer, needs more data. So, we simplify the scientific approach for you to understand consumer behavior, rapidly test strategies and realize results faster. We identify Key Performance Questions you care about, like loyalty, retention, acquisition, customer conversion and attention and deliver automated reports and dashboards that answer those questions. These insights can also inform and create personalized experiences in store, on mobile and on the web. Learn more by visiting

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