Event Analytics

Accurately measure your Event Success


Finally, real metrics to measure your event performance: attendance, passerbys, qualified leads, and more.


Compare your events to determine which activations, brand managers, messages and locations provided the highest business value.


Analyze the behavior of attendees between your event footprints, sessions, and activation areas. Prove the value of your marketing campaign.

How can I use SOLOMO?

The SOLOMO Event Performance Reports turn attendee behavior into meaningful metrics for marketers to test, learn and optimize the impact of events in their overall marketing strategy.

Value Proposition

$24B is spent yearly on Event Marketing yet there are no advanced performance measures for the effectiveness of these campaigns.

SOLOMO's Event & Location Analytics enable you to:

  • Determine marketing effectiveness 70% faster.
  • Increase marketing ROI up to 6% and profits by 3.5% with Marketing Analytics.
  • Obtain 100% visibility and measurement across all events and locations.
  • Obtain results within 24 hours of your event to modify your marketing in real-time.
  • Benchmark consumer behavior with a proven 90% accuracy compared to manual counts or other methods