You've got questions. We've got answers.

Consistent metrics to answer the tough questions and make faster decisions.

Why We Exist

Despite the fact that over 80% of consumers are enabled with a smart device and 90% of all U.S. purchases are made in-store, few brands have given their locations the intelligence to act and react fast enough to influence changing consumer behaviors. SOLOMO bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds with location analytics - providing brands the ability to measure across physical touchpoints with 100% consistent visibility. SOLOMO fills your analytics gap from the front door to the POS, from your Event to your brick and mortar location or from your digital, print or other marketing activities to the store.

How We Work

Get a kit. Plug it in. Understand your Customers' Behavior.

No one, especially a marketer, needs more data, nor do you want to deal with cumbersome IT or setup to collect location data. So, we simplify the setup with plug and play kits that passively collect data as soon as you plug them in and then we provide you rich customer behavior reports for your events and locations. No engagement apps, no cumbersome setup and no digging through reams of data for your answers.

Our analysts work with you to review your analytics and reports and will help create new views to answer any deeper questions or combine your data with campaign activities to measure your campaign uplift, or add in POS data to correlate your marketing campaign, to in-store behavior to purchases.

This approach allows you to enhance initiative effectiveness 70% faster than current methods and our location analytics fill the void and unanswered questions you have today on customer behavior and marketing effectiveness.

What We Do

We use passive sensors to collect location data in and around physical locations – indoor/outdoor, brick and mortar, stores, event venues, etc.

We apply our patented algorithms to determine customer behaviors:

  • Customers and customer groupings
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Dwell times, repeat visitors, paths of travel and more
  • Attribution within and between locations (and your marketing activities)
  • Predict where your customers will go next

We provide you this information fast in an easy to consume report portal to let you make immediate marketing decisions.

Our analytics have been proven to be 90% accurate to manual counting and other methods (which we know are fraught with errors) and provide much more rich insights.

The use of marketing analytics increases marketing ROI by 0.61% and company profits by 0.39%. So, let's start shoving progress forward.

Meet the team

Liz Eversoll
Founder & CEO
Deepak Rao
Joe Barneson
VP Product
Kevin Kiser
Director of Marketing
Bill Smith
Director of Engineering
Jennifer Weis
Director of Partners