Your campaign just converted 40% new visitors to your store. Can you prove it?

Here's your pretty report. You can take it to the bank.

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Four steps to getting answers fast

Have questions about the inside and outside of stores, events or partner locations? Contact us to start the discussion, and the road to answers.

Online Site Assessment And Purchase

1. Pick from a library of over 50 Key Performance Questions in 10 marketing initiative categories, including Branding, Customer Acquisition and Audience Segmentation

2. Enter general information about upcoming events or campaigns (ex. Name, Location, Number of Days)

3. Confirm report views and event dates

4. Enter purchase information or call a representative to finalize purchase

Kit Receipt, Installation & Usage

A single kit will be delivered to your door equipped with everything you need: beacon, stealth hotspot, power cords & install documentation

Plug in to any outlet, power up stealth hotspot and check beacon health in software

Reuse kit over and over at different events. Only pay for what you use

Data Filtration & Segmentation

Your Event Kit collects over 30 individual locations metrics

SOLOMO applies proprietary algorithms to sort, filter and segments audience groups and create report views

Automated Report Delivery

Receive your report within 24 hours of your event conclusion

Automate delivery to as many team members as you want

Purchase additional views to compare events across a campaign

Ask questions. Get answers.

Order Event Kit

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A behavioral toolkit for the marketing scientist

Have a large quantity of events? Hosting an event? Want to monitor a location all the time? Contact us to talk about custom packages

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